A Bucket Caddy Boosts Performance

What piece of sports equipment does every coach, team, and player use, from baseball to tennis to lacrosse to golf? Across all fields, practice arenas, and courses, you’ll find the ubiquitous 5 gallon bucket. You bring your balls to the practice field in a bucket. You pitch or bat or throw or hit all your balls, and then you go around and collect them. By the end of a long session, your back is killing you, and it’s not from your workout - it’s from picking up the balls.

Rukket’s patented Bucket Booster takes everyone’s favorite ball carrier and makes it even better. In just seconds, it unfolds to hold your bucket high, so you aren’t wasting time bending over to retrieve your balls. Current back saving caddies requires dumping baseballs back into a bucket, a sometimes clumsy and awkward experience, or have a zip up net that simply never works as it’s supposed too.  

Whether you’ve got a paint can, a 5-gallon bucket, a bucket of Rukket Flight Control Balls, or a more unusual container, the bungee design holds it snugly and securely. With a sturdy tripod design and non-slip rubber feet, this bucket caddy will remain wherever you place it. And when you’re done? It folds up neatly, with a convenient carry strap and molded rubber handle.

So what makes this bucket booster better than any other bucket caddy on the market? It’s easy to move, easy to store, and easy to use. It’s from Rukket, so you know you’re going to get incredible customer service from an actual person. Like all our products, it’s made from high quality materials and over engineered for a lifetime of use. The thick gauge steel construction that’s powder coated and tested for over 1000 UV hours of use so rust will never be a problem, and its dip molded attachment points and cradle to protect the frame from scratches and keep your bucket securely seated while in use. Plus, it’s got an ironclad lifetime warranty.

Any player or coach will use this bucket booster for years, speeding up practice time and keeping everyone’s eye on the ball. No nets needed! We’re excited to bring this product to you and are confident you’ll understand why once you see it! This will be the product you see on every field going forward. A real game changer.


Like every product we make, Rukket Sports stands behind the Bucket Booster. We created the Bucket Booster after hearing from countless coaches and professionals about the struggles they face during practice. This product was designed to make practicing and playing easier and more fun, while helping players develop skills and tools to improve. If you have any issues, concerns, or comments regarding your purchase, our customer service team is known to go above and beyond to take care of our clients, and every product comes with a lifetime warranty.

Take a closer look at the Bucket Booster today!