3 Shots You Need To Save Par: The Bump-And-Run

Let’s say you leave the ball short and are in the first cut or fairway before the green. Imagine the the pin placement is toward the back of the green giving you a lot of green to work with. The standard chip we talked about in our previous post isn’t the best shot for this situation. In this case, the bump-and-run is your best option. 

Here are the three keys when hitting a bump-and-run:

  • Prepare for roll-out
  • Choose a club with lower loft
  • Keep 75% of your weight on your front foot

The bump-and-run is a shot that rolls further than it flies. When executed properly it has compressed spin which gets it to “check up" (the bump) before releasing and rolling toward the hole (the run). When playing the shot read the green like a putt. It's important to play the break as the ball rolls out and select your target accordingly.

The easiest way to hit this shot is with a 7-iron or lower lofted club and just hitting it like a normal chip. The lower loft will hit the shot for you. 

If you are looking for a little more control, grab a 52-degree or a Pitching Wedge and place the ball off the inside of your left heel in your stance (if you're right handed, opposite for lefties). Your weight distribution should be 75-25 on your front foot with the shaft of the club leaning forward.

TIP: The goal is to pluck the ball off the turf, so try not to hit down on the ball. If done correctly the ball will come out low, take one hop, settle, then roll out.

Use a chipping target like the Rukket Haack Chipping Net to practice your bump-and-runs by aiming to land the ball right before the lowest target. It should take one hop and go into the bottom target. Being able to control where the ball lands is the most important part of your short game. If you can hit each target on-demand you’ll be a much better short game player and save par more consistently when you miss the green.

Jon handles communications at Rukket but grew up playing competitively in the AJGA and Philadelphia Section Junior PGA. He currently plays to a 5 handicap.