Best Gifts for Golfers

In 2016, 8% of Americans experienced the thrill of a green-grass golf course. In 2021 the number of Americans who visited a golf course at least once rose to 25.1 million. Millions of others enjoyed the sport on driving ranges or using golf simulators.

If you need gift recommendations for golfers, Rukket has you covered. Here are some of our most popular products, perfect for amateur golfers as well as experienced pros.

Best Choice for Budget Buyers

Pop-Up Golf Pitching and Chipping Target

Today’s Golfer announced that golf is officially the most expensive sport to play, with golfers spending an average of $275 a month on it. That makes it tough to find a good gift when you’re trying to stay within a holiday budget. Luckily, Rukket has a few less expensive selections that will get just as much use as the pricier golf tools. The Pop-Up Golf Pitching and Chipping Target helps the recipient hone his or her short game – an area where every golfer can improve. And at less than $50, it won’t bust your budget. 


Best Choice for Amateur Golfers

Haack 10x7 Golf Net

If you’re purchasing presents for someone who is just beginning their golf journey, a Haack Net is a must. This golf net brings the range to you, so there’s no limit to the amount of practice a new golfer can get. The Haack Net is our biggest net, so errant shots will be caught and returned without fear of broken windows. It’s light, portable, and easy to set up; your burgeoning pro can practice in the park, on vacation, or in the backyard. Every aspiring golfer needs a net – and this is one of the best you can get.

Rukket Sports Haack portable driving range

Best Choice for the Serious Golfer

XL Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat

The serious golfer isn’t as polished as a competitive golfer, but he or she may be interested in getting there. This golfer has high hopes and is a more avid player than the recreational or casual golfer. You’ll find a serious golfer out on the driving range every weekend, watching golf on television, and doing plenty of research before making a golf purchase. One gift they won’t need to research? The XL Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat. This golf mat gives your recipient the ability to hone skills on every type of turf, from the fairway to the rough. For the ultimate hitting package, purchase the new Level Up Mat Extender as well. It sets your golfer’s footing level with the Tri-Turf mat, teaching proper alignment and stance. It’s a realistic hitting experience in one’s own backyard.

Rukket Sports golf hitting mat

Best Choice for the Golfer on the Go

Portable Driving Range Net, Target, and Mat

Golfers who travel all the time or who have limited space love the benefits of the  Portable Driving Range with Tri-Fold Golf Mat and Chipping attachment. It's the most complete, quick and durable golf practice package system available and comes with a ball returning net, a hitting mat with varied turf, and a chipping target. Taken out of the bag the net pops-up instantly and folds down just as easily. Best of all, it's made to last a lifetime. (And if it doesn’t, it comes with a lifetime warranty.) This practice set accommodates the full set of clubs. 

Rukket Sports pop-up portable driving range

Best Choice for Golfers Who Have Everything

This person’s got the alignment sticks, the cleats, and even custom club covers. What can you possibly buy for the golfer who already owns it all? A Rukket Sports gift card lets your budding Jack Nicklaus choose whatever he or she might need from our selection of top-of-the-line products. Every purchase comes with our fair play guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and personal customer service. Gift cards start at just $25. They make a great stocking stuffer, too!

Rukket has you covered, whether you’re shopping for a longtime golfer or one of the 32 million Americans who are interested in getting started with the sport. Check out our entire selection of golf products for more gift ideas.

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