The Best Golf Gifts for 2022

Most golfers know the value of a practice session and the team at Rukket is here to help bring the range, putting green, and short game practice areas straight to your home.

Driving to a range is both time-consuming and expensive which is why a hitting net makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

Rukket offers a variety of products specifically designed for any golfer’s needs. Each net, like our SPDR, Haack, and Haack Pro, was developed and tested by teaching professionals and players to ensure the highest quality, durability, and usability.

If you need gift recommendations for golfers, Rukket has you covered. Here are some of our most popular products, perfect for amateur golfers as well as experienced pros.

Our PathFinder Impact Mat helps track your clubface alignment and helps to ensure clean contact with the ball every time you swing with the foam pylons its a great way to make sure you are staying on the plane. Utilize all four pylons to practice straighter shots or remove them to work on your fade or draw shots. Great to pair with our Haack net!


Need a poolside game that is fun for the whole family, well we have the product for you. Our Tee-ki Island Chipping Float allows a fun and challenging game for friends and family to enjoy this holiday season or even grab it for some summer poolside shot game competition.

Our Range Pro Folding 5x5 Hitting Mat is the perfect portable hitting surface every golfer needs. It has a comfortable and level surface that you didn’t know you were missing.

If you’re purchasing presents for someone who is just beginning their golf journey, a Haack Net Pro is a must. This golf net brings the range to you, so there’s no limit to the amount of practice a new golfer can get. The Haack Net Pro is our biggest net, so errant shots will be caught and returned without fear of broken windows. It’s light, portable, and easy to set up; your burgeoning pro can practice in the park, on vacation, or in the backyard. It even has patented technology in the box-shaped design and comes with a target too! Every aspiring golfer needs a net – and this is one of the best you can get.

The serious golfer isn’t as polished as a competitive golfer, but he or she may be interested in getting there. This golfer has high hopes and is a more avid player than the recreational or casual golfer. You’ll find a serious golfer out on the driving range every weekend, watching golf on television, and doing plenty of research before making a golf purchase. One gift they won’t need to research? The XL Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat. This golf mat gives your recipient the ability to hone skills on every type of turf, from the fairway to the rough. For the ultimate hitting package, purchase the new Level Up Mat Extender as well. It sets your golfer’s footing level with the Tri-Turf mat, teaching proper alignment and stance. It’s a realistic hitting experience in one’s own backyard.

Putting practice is so important to lowering your handicap and increasing your skill. Rukket’s 2-in-1 putting green is the perfect gift for anyone looking to improve their putting from home. With 4 different cups to putt to and pro percentage graphics, you’ll be able to practice different putts and compare yourself to the pros. 

If you’re gifting for a serious golfer the SPDR is the best gift money can buy. Our most durable net that is designed to be set up and left up but can also be broken down if needed. Perfect for those who want to set up an at home range in there basement or who are building a set up with a monitor. 


Two or more players square off in this test of short game skills with Rukket's Whack-A-Haack chipping game. Like cornhole but for golf! This game will be the hit off the parry or BBQ.  No need to worry about errant shots bouncing around as well as our special edition foam golf balls are perfect for any situation. Forget about lugging around a massive board for cornhole or some other games and enjoy your day in the sun with Whack-A-Hack



Our Tru-Spin practice balls offer realistic spin and flight pattern but are safe for indoor use! Great for short game practice around the house or even full swings outside.

Our chipping nets are some of the most acclaimed and loved on the market. In addition to the Haack Chipping Net, Rukket has just introduced the Haack Pro Light-Up Chipping net. With the LED strips throughout the net, anyone using the net will be able to practice all day and even at night. It makes for a fun family game, too!

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