The Quickest Drill To Fix Your Slice

While a fade can be the preferred shot shape for many professional players, a slice is the dreaded miss hit that plagues millions of golfers every year. Most of us have been there and it's no fun.

Henry Fall, Golf Coach and LPGA Tour Caddy, shows us a quick and easy drill to help fix that dreaded slice and keep your ball in the fairway or on its way to the green.

But first, the slice can manifest in two different ways: a push or a cross, but it's always caused by an open club face at impact. Focusing on squaring or closing the club face will help fix the slice as quickly as possible. 

Both a push slice, where the ball starts right and goes right, and a cross slice, where the club face cuts across the ball and accentuates the slicing spin, can be fixed with the simple drill below. 

To get started find two small-ish objects that won't cause a problem if you accidentally hit them - in Henry's case a tennis ball and a small basketball - and set them up on opposites sides of your golf ball. Move the object closest to your feet a little forward towards your front foot / the hitting net. This will cause you to swing "out" more but the focus is on having the club face closed which will cause a draw when hit. 

Here's Henry's video to help put it all together:

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Henry Fall is a Golf Coach, LPGA Tour Caddy, content creator, and Rukket Golf ambassador. You can check him out on his website or his  instagram @henryfallgolf

Jon Gilmartin handles communications at Rukket and grew up playing competitively in the AJGA and Philadelphia Section Junior PGA. He currently plays to a 5 handicap.

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