Golf Swing Tips With Tisha Alyn

Rotate Through the Ball & Stick It Close 
In this post, Tisha shows the importance of rotating through the ball and ways to improve your rotation throughout the swing. She also speaks about how “sway” in your swing can lead to inconsistent contact and unpredictable results.


Compress The Ball For Better Ball Flight
This next tip shows a drill that helps if you are “spinning out” or if your swing feels too outside-in. The drill can also help you get your hands more out in front of the club face leading to more compression in your contact.


Improve Your Swing Speed To Bomb It Off The Tee
Looking to increase your swing speed? Here’s a quick drill from Tisha that can help you add speed to your game. It’s all the rage on tour now so adding more speed is a must! 

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Back with another tip using my @rukket_sports net for when you’re trying to increase your swing speed! 😍 Be sure that when trying to swing faster that you still feel connected and not as though one part of your body is moving way faster than the other. 🙌🏽⛳️ I like to maintain the feeling of keeping my “triangle” at set up and feeling that connection as if I have a towel under my arms! 🏌🏻‍♀️ Doing practice swings in front of the mirror with a heavy club also helps a ton. 💪🏽 Lmk what you guys think! ❤️💋 . . . I also must say , I think my @cobragolf F9 #SPEEDBACK helps my swing speed as well! 😉 #rukket sports #cobragolf #ad #bringingtheheatback #withthespeedback #hopethishelps #womensgolf #backyardpractice #tipswithtish

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Find Balance in Your Swing For Consistent Contact
Last but not least is a drill to decrease head sway and increase your balance and consistency in your swing. 


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