How to Hit a Baseball to Any Part of the Field

When you want to learn how to hit a baseball to any part of the field, you can’t just practice your swing or master one baseball hitting stance. You need to know exactly what hitting stance you should use to send the ball where you want it to go. That’s where the Rukket Swing Commander and Batting Swing Trainer combo comes in.

The durable neoprene and rubber Swing Commander Mat shows players the precise baseball or softball hitting stance they need to hit the ball in a certain direction. The clear markings and visual aids help coaches communicate and show the player exactly how to perfect their swing and get the ball to go where they want it to go. The foot measurement markings make sure foot placement is consistent and keeps the players practice consistent. A high hit percentage doesn’t matter if you’re hitting into an out every time. You need aim and accuracy to become a more valuable player.

Un-targeted batting training can lead to an inconsistent baseball batting stance – which leads to inconsistent results. The Swing Commander Mat helps players and the coaches that train them practice their positioning so the ball goes where they want it to, every time.

The Swing Commander Mat is designed for use with the Batting Swing Trainer. These two tools work together for the ultimate warm-up machine. Players can use the Batting Swing Trainer and Swing Commander Mat to warm up before or during a game. The extra-padded trainer grip is gentle on hands, and the accurate plate dimensions and foot placement guide make the Swing Commander Mat a valuable substitute for home plate.

If your goal is to hit a baseball to any part of the field, you can only get there by modifying your baseball or softball hitting stance to aim your hit in the right direction. The Swing Commander Mat and Batting Swing Trainer will change the way you approach the plate – and the way you play your game.

The Swing Commander Hitting Mat and Batting Swing Trainer was designed with input from our professional partners and coaches as well as customers. It was created to fill a hole in the industry - no one else has created a product of this caliber, with high quality materials, superior design, and durable build. Specifically the mat is made from high quality neoprene that will stand up to sharp cleats and wash of cleanly after a muddy practice.  The batting swing trainer comes pre wrapped with an extra thick handle to for ultimate coaching comfort even when training with big sluggers.

Rukket stands behind this and everything else we produce; any purchase you make has a lifetime warranty. And if you have questions, concerns, or issues, our U.S.-based customer service team is made up of athletes who are just as passionate about sports as you are. We're here for you - on the phone and on the field.

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