How To Improve Your Fielding At Home With A Rebounder

Keeping your skills sharp at home is one of the best ways to separate yourself from the competition. No matter what level you play at, getting in extra practice can always help out every aspect of your game. Fielding is one of the most important skills for a baseball or softball player.

Rebounder work can help you get your fielding on point so you’ll go into the season with a gold glove. 

Here is a great fielding progression to do with a rebounder at home. 

  1. Set of 20 Strong Hand Grounders - Toss the ball from your normal throwing position and work on attacking the grounder as it comes to you on your strong side. You want to smother the ball so you can make the next throw
  2. Set of 20 Backhand Grounders - Throw from the same position but make the ball go to your weak side so you’ll have to grab it backhanded. Work on setting your feet after you’ve snagged the ball
  3. Set of 20 Strong Hand Line Drives - Take a few steps back and throw the ball a little harder to the middle of the rebounder so it comes off like a line drive. Work on attacking the point where it first makes contact with the ground.
  4. Set of 20 Backhand Line Drives - Same concept as above but make sure you’re following the ball into your glove as this is one of the easiest to miss.
  5. 20 Pop-Ups - Angle the rebounder skyward and throw the ball as hard as you can so it mirrors a pop-up. Work on getting underneath the ball and setting your feet to make the next throw. Add a twist with a partner and work on your communication too!

This simple progression will net you 100 catches on the day. Getting those catches in outside of practice will give you an edge next time you're in a game. Batters will fear hitting the ball in your direction.

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