Pathfinder Impact Mat: Fixing Shanks


Are Shanks Ruining Your Game? Discover the Fix with the Pathfinder Impact Mat!

Hey Rukket Nation, we're back with a game-changing tip using the Pathfinder Impact Mat. Today, we're tackling the dreaded S-word: shanks. Yes, those frustrating shots we all want to avoid. But fear not, we have a quick fix to get you back on track.

Ever wondered how to address shanks? Watch as we dive into the solution with Henry and Milo. Henry takes the challenge to hit a shank head-on (ouch!), showcasing the common mistake of the club getting outside the lines and the divot pattern going astray.

Milo comes to the rescue with a simple yet effective drill using pylons. Placed strategically outside the ball line, these pylons guide your swing to strike on the center or toe of the clubface, ensuring a better impact position and preventing those wayward shanks.

Remember, shanks often stem from an out-to-in swing path. By using this drill, you'll train yourself to approach from the inside, resulting in cleaner contact and more accurate shots. Join the ranks of top players who use similar techniques, minus the fear of hitting a block of wood!

Say goodbye to shanks and hello to a more confident swing with the Pathfinder Impact Mat. Your game will thank you!

Henry Fall is a Golf Coach with Milo Lines Golf, LPGA Tour Caddie to Dana Finkelstein, content creator, and Rukket Golf ambassador. You can check out their online academy at or on his instagram, @henryfallgolf

Milo Lines is a PGA Professional Coach and the founder of Milo Lines Golf You can find Milo at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club located in Gold Canyon just outside Phoenix, AZ.



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