Rukket Ball Parks In The Back Yard

Spring Training can still happen at home and we've been seriously impressed by some of the setups we've seen from our Rukket Athletes. Check out how they are practicing from home and keeping their skills sharp.



You can make your very own stadium as @nanewlin did with an Original 7x7 Sock-It Net, A 12x9 Barrier, A Bucket Cady, & Flight Control Balls.



@gabyrod55 made her own home batting cage with our 7x7 Softball Net and ARMD Pro Batting Tee.


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Prepping for the game with our new Rukket tee!

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@Power_in_training is ready for batting practice with his ARMD Pro Batting Tee and The Original Sock-It net.




Get some soft toss is Just like @jandielortiz2 with any version of our hitting nets.


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