The Best Pre-Round Golf Drill

Looking for a surefire way to prepare for your next tee time? This quick and easy drill is what the pros do on the range before they tee off.

This progression drill, sometimes known as "walk the dog" is a great warm-up that will help you work your way up the bag before playing. Pros always start with wedges when warming up and make their way to their Driver. Practicing with a purpose is what will ultimately lower your handicap and scores. . Take a look below:

Ball placement is key if you are trying to lower scores and achieve consistent ball striking. By starting with the shortest clubs in your bag and working up, you’ll develop a feel for where the ball should be placed at any given time to hit your standard shot. Obviously situations like wind conditions, lie, angle into the green, and green orientation can influence this, but having a standard set up is key if you want to improve other aspects of your game. 

Use the innovative Rukket Standing Matt and one of our best selling Golf Hitting Nets to the "walk the dog". The Rukket Standing Mat allows you to have perfect feel for the middle of your stance with our "I" graphic so you can move the ball accordingly for each club and shot.

Try this drill out before your next round and watch how your contact improves!

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