The Best Softball Gifts For 2022

The benefits girls get from playing sports can’t be overstated. Girls who participate in sports like softball tend to have higher self-esteem, stronger relationships, and better physical health. Research shows that they are more likely to get the right amount of sleep, eat breakfast, and even graduate from a four-year college. Yet 15.8% of girls quit playing sports in high school. One reason? Lack of family or social support. This holiday season, rally for your softball player by getting one of these tools to help her play her heart out.

Best Choice for Every Player

Sock It! Softball Net

The Original Sock It! Net is consistently one of the top sellers at Rukket due to cutting-edge design, versatility, and ease of use. Despite the size (a whopping 7’ x 7’), the net is surprisingly light and portable. The sock collects softballs for easy retrieval, so she can do it all over again – without scrambling after stray balls. We also offer a Softball 7x7 bundle which includes an adjustable pitching target and 3 regulation softballs! Every ball player needs a place to practice pitching, throwing, and hitting. You won’t find better softball nets on the market.


Best Choice for New Players

Barricade Multi-Sport Portable Barrier Net

Help your softball star make contact with confidence by setting up a barrier net. She’ll swing without hesitation, knowing that any foul balls will be safely caught by one of our huge Rukket TOUGH barrier nets. New players aren’t always the most accurate; that skill only comes through hours of practice. Your softball player can set this net up anytime, anywhere, so she can put in the time to belt them out of the park. The Barricade Barrier Net comes in multiple sizes, from huge to gigantic, so you can ensure she has the full coverage necessary to swing away!

Best Choice for Batters

Softball Batting Tee

This isn’t just any softball tee. It’s the last softball batting tee your player will ever need. From their first T-ball game to National Pro Fastpitch, this fully adjustable tee fits any height and batting style. It’s collapsible. It’s portable. It’s heavy duty. And it won’t fall over.  It’s the only tee out there that can be moved anywhere over home plate without interfering with batting stance. Your batter can practice hitting high pitches, low pitches, and everything in between. It’s the toughest batting tee out there – we guarantee it.

Best Choice for Coaches

Don’t forget our PurePower-weighted baseballs. These are heavily weighted and are specifically designed to help develop the muscle memory needed to develop that powerful swing.

Rukket Bucket Booster

Have a softball coach on your list? Save her some back pain by gifting the new Rukket Bucket Booster. It’s the most useful portable softball training tool you’ll find. Every coach knows the pain of lugging around baseball buckets. The Bucket Booster takes the bucket to the next level – literally. It holds the bucket at the perfect height for pitching practice or soft toss. With 30-second setup, carry straps, and a handle, it’s super portable and accommodates any bucket, from two to six gallons. The coach can keep this in her trunk and get it out for any away game or practice. The team gets more time to practice, and the coach gets to cut back on all that ibuprofen she’s been taking for back pain. No more bucket lifting!

Rukket Gift Card

Not sure what to get your softball-loving gift recipient? Need a little something extra to make the holidays more festive? Spruce up her stocking with a gift card from Rukket Sports! Your softball player can choose the softball training tools that best fit her skill level, and you can pick the amount the fits your budget.

Whether you go with one of our products or a Rukket gift card, everything we sell comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our products and want our customers to be happy. At Rukket sports, we love the game – and winning it – just as much as you do.

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