This Batting Tee Lasts Over 10,000 Swings

The Batting Tee That Lasts Over 10,000 Swings

Dan from The Bat Hound ran a test earlier this year to see if the Rukket Batting Tee Pro would hold under rigorous and extended practice sessions. 

Normal batting tees tend to break and rip after about a thousand swings, so Dan wanted to test ours to see what would happened after ten thousand (10,000) swings. We were confident our ARMD product development team built a superior batting tee, but check out the video for yourself to see what happened and whether or not our claim that the Rukket batting tee is the most durable practice tee available... 

Read more about our batting tee here and find out why it’ll be the last tee you’ll ever need to purchase.


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