360° View Pop-Up Hub Style Hunting Blind

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The new 360 degree view pop-up hub style hunting blind from Black Hoof Outdoors is the most portable, versatile, and effective ground blind on the market.


NO BLIND SPOTS: Strike silently with unparalleled visibility. See through fabric allows the hunter to see out while remaining undetected by animals. The 8 vertical windows and 4 shoot-through mesh openings mean more flexible shooting angles for gun and bow hunting. Additionally, the 4 large triangular mesh openings can be used as shoot through screens for bow hunters or as wide angle viewing windows.

DURABLE & STURDY: The hub style ground blind provides maximum durability and sturdiness without compromising portability. Leave staked-down at your favorite deer, duck, turkey, or hunting spot, or pack and go. This versatile deer blind takes seconds to deploy and will keep you and a friend or two undetected and ready to strike.

ENHANCED CAMOUFLAGE: Tree and leaf pattern camo with added loops to brush-in the deer blind with grass and leaves and maximize the hunting ground blind’s camouflage and remain undetected even when you need to move inside the blind. Plus, it’s big enough to comfortably fit you and another hunter or two.

Product Specs

70in x 64in x 70in

What's in the Box

(1) Hunting Blind, (8) Stakes, (4) Tie downs, and (1) Backpack Carry Bag.

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