Driveway Guard Adjustable Barricade Net

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The new Rukket Driveway Guard Adjustable Barricade Net will help you keep the ball in the game and out of the street. The high visibility neon accented net provides a 20’ visual and physical barrier to keep the game where it’s supposed to be and then easily retracts to allow normal use of the driveway.


Installation is simple and only takes a few minutes. Once installed, the hand crank, locking pin, and anti-bunching bar makes it easy to set-up, adjust, tighten, and take-down. Once retracted, the net can be stored out of sight and quickly re-deployed when needed.

Intended for driveway use only. This product is not for use as a pool fence and is not a child safety gate.

Product Specs

26" height and 21’ wide

What's in the Box

(1) 19.5’ retractable barrier net & frame canister (26" height and 20’ wide including frame fully extended), (2) net poles, (2) plastic ground sleeves, (1) anti-bunching bar, (1) removable hand crank

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