Glow-Nana Light-Up Air Lounger

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The Glow-Nana air lounger is the ultimate inflatable chair for any occasion. Set it up in seconds at the beach, tailgate, campground, concert, or music festival. Incredibly easy to inflate and stays blown up all day and into the night.


Light-Up the Night: We added a space for LED lights to illuminate the air lounger creating a beacon of comfort and leisure. The air chair lounger looks great all day AND into the night with the added bonus of being easy to find and comes complete with an integrated cup holder and a pocket to hold your stuff.

Easy Inflation: No pump required and blows up in seconds. This is the best designed inflatable lounger that will stay inflated all day and into the night. No wind needed to inflate the lounger. Just swing it through the air and clasp the mouth tight with each turn so you can capture air into the lounger.

Portable, Durable, Take Anywhere: Your inflatable lounger should be able to last through the day into the night just like you! With our tough as nails rip-stop fabric, you’ll be able to use this air chair lounger all day and all night. The carrying case turns into a plush pillow too once the lounger is set up! This amazing light-up air lounger deploys in a flash and stows in a jiffy to keep you focused on the leisure.

Product Specs

8ft x 2ft

What's in the Box

(1) 8ft long Glow-Nana Inflatable Mini Lounger, (1) Carry case with plush lining, and (1) FREE 2-in-1 LED flashlight and illumination device

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