Premium Lacrosse Massage Balls (2,3,4 and 6 Pack)

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  • Pick Your Pack: LIFETIME WARRANTY – Click ‘Add to Cart’ with confidence! 2 pack red (hard), 3 pack red (hard), 4 pack with 2 red (hard) 2 gray (soft), or 6 pack with 2 red (hard) 2 black (medium) 2 gray (soft).
  • SUPER DURABLE NATURAL MATERIALS, SMELL FREE: Lacrosse ball set is made from eco-friendly, 100% Natural Rubber. Proprietary non-slip material offers ideal pressure to relieve muscle tension and enhance your body's natural mechanical movement.
  • FREE CARRY BAG: smooth Lycra bag included in the pack of 2. Use as a peanut style massager or as single balls. All other packages come with high quality mesh bag for storage or cleaning in your washing machine (machine wash cold).
  • TRIGGER POINT THERAPY: enjoy the amazing effects of trigger point therapy massage with these premium yoga therapy balls. Simply lean on the ball and relieve muscle tension and knots, using your own body weight.
  • QUICK MYOFASCIAL RELIEF: Our muscle tension relief balls alleviate pain and tension for all your muscles. Better blood circulation in tight muscles and make you feel revived and rejuvenated. Ideal training tool in any type of fitness workout like yoga or Crossfit.


Rukket Premium Massage Lacrosse Balls (2, 3, 4, or 6 Pack) – LIFETIME WARRANTY


Hardness Scale (Rubber Shore Durometer)

Max= 100 (Lax Ball = 60)

- Red (Hard) = 55 - Black (Medium) = 48 - Gray (Soft) = 35

Packages Available: 

- 2 pack red (hard) - 3 pack red (hard) - 4 pack with 2 red (hard) 2 gray (soft) - 6 pack with 2 red (hard) 2 black (medium) 2 gray (soft).

Live Your Life Free From Pain

Are you limiting your daily activities?

Do you suffer from a stiff neck, muscle tightness or aches in your thighs, back, hips, or feet too?

Premium Massage Lacrosse Balls! We want to give you the best quality of life you are looking to live!

Our high quality, no smell, massage lacrosse balls promise to relieve you from all painful conditions you may be suffering.

How easy are they to use? Just lean on the ball, using your own body weight, to allow it to alleviate pain in the back, loosen up tight muscles, and ease knotted shoulders.

Fountain of Youth Elixir

Looking for your ideal yoga or Pilates workout tool? These yoga therapy balls are manufactured from high quality all natural smell free rubber. They will strengthen your legs, thighs, and back as well as increase your flexibility.

Trigger Point Therapy? Go no further, purchase and use our muscle recovery balls for effective muscle soothing.

Know someone with muscle pain? Perfect Gift Idea!

Place your worn out feet on the rubbing ball and allow the relieving effect of our muscle tension relief balls sweep away any tiredness.

Ideal for: fitness enthusiasts, physiotherapists, sport trainers, massage therapists, or anyone else looking for a tranquil, relaxing experience.

Purchase now with full confidence from Rukket Sports and our Fair Play Guarantee with Lifetime Warranty!