Pure Training All-Natural Latex Resistance Loop Bands - Set of 5

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  • Gym Quality Exercise Bands: bands are 24” by 2”, heavy-duty; fitness effect is 10% better than most loop bands. Comes in 5 resistance levels for a full workout for any skill level!
  • Resistance Levels: stackable resistance loops bands for up to 50 lbs of resistance: Blue (2-4lbs), Green (5-8lbs), Yellow (10-12lbs), Red (15-20lbs), Black (25-30lbs)
  • Workout Your Way: use them for a regular exercise routine, stretching, strength training or with popular workouts: Pilates, Yoga, Beach Body, Crossfit, Insanity, P90x, and more!
  • Multi-Use: physical therapy (rehab bands) help therapists and patients receive treatment in office and at home as well as treat leg, knee, and back injuries. Our resistance bands help in recovery from MCL and ACL, knee, patella, and meniscus rehabilitation.
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Rukket Exercise Resistance Loop Bands – Set of 5 Loop Fitness Bands

Blue (2-4lbs), Green (5-8lbs), Yellow (10-12lbs), Red (15-20lbs), Black (25-30lbs)

Are you looking to start working out? Perhaps you are looking to take your exercise training to the next level? Our versatile set of exercise resistance loop bands is perfect for you!

Start working out today. No setup, easy to learn exercises, and a high quality travel bag to keep your kit organized and with you all the time. 

Instruction booklet and clear, color-marked bands for straight out of the box use. Clearly see the resistance levels and workouts you can start doing right away, anywhere you have a few feet of space. 

Our bands are ideal for:

- Physical Therapy

- Weight Loss

- Body Shaping

- Rehabilitation of Injuries

- Fitness

- Sports


Why are the Rukket Exercise Resistance Loop Bands the best?

Our bands are made of the top quality 100% natural latex. This means they are stronger and able to stretch further than other bands. They are made from imported latex unlike other bands. This means they are eco-friendly, highly tear resistant, least color fading and the fitness effect is 10% better than most bands on the market. The resistance will stay the same from the first to last rep! The bands are comfortable, soft, and safe on the skin. We achieve this through a tightly controlled manufacturing process.

We do not include unnatural materials like TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) – these materials can irritate the skin and are less durable.

The process and care Rukket puts into this and all our products involves a bigger investment for us but in the end it is worth it for you, our customer, to receive only our best!

100% Lifetime Warranty with our Fair Play Guarantee