PureTraining Stretch Resistance Bands (6 individually-sold Resistance Levels)

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  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Pick your resistance level and click add to cart without worry!
  • ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT: Rukket Pure Fitness bands are the ideal tool to help you with your pull-ups, dips or muscle-ups. Choose a band: use your bodyweight and the current number of unassisted repetitions to help pick. Keep in mind when using bands for pull-ups that you can secure it under your feet or your knee for varying levels of assistance.
  • HIGH QUALITY: 100% natural latex, smell FREE unlike competitors, highly tear resistant with good stretch performance, fitness effect will be 10% better than competing brands
  • BAND SPECIFICATIONS: Purple 8-15lbs estimated tension, best for speed barbell training. Blue 15-35lbs, perfect for resistance training or minor pull-up help. Green 25-55lbs, moderate resistance. Yellow 35-85lbs, use for pull-up assistance. Red 50-125lbs, used for pull-up assistance and stretching. Black 65-175lbs, our heaviest band is unlike any other, use with caution as well.
  • UNSURE OF WHICH BAND? No worries! Combine the bands for more tension options! Do you think you need a #4 Yellow band? Combine multiple smaller bands to equal the tension such as #3 Green + #1 Purple. Perhaps you want the #5 Red band? Add #3 Green + #2 Blue. Contact Rukket Sports anytime if you have any questions regarding your bands!


Rukket Pure Fitness Resistance & Stretch Bands (6 Individual Resistance Levels) – Each Sold Separately

Purple (Extra Light) Estimated Tension 8-15lbs – Blue (Light) 15-35lbs – Green (Medium) 25-55lbs – Yellow (Heavy) 35-95lbs – Red (Extra Heavy) 50-125lbs – Black (Ultra) 65-175lbs.

Are you looking to start working out? Perhaps you are looking to take your exercise training to the next level? Our versatile set of exercise resistance bands is perfect for you! Not sure what level of tension is right for you? Combine lower tensions instead for a more complete workout!

Instruction booklet and clear, color-marked bands for straight out of the box use. Clearly see the resistance levels and workouts you can start doing right away, anywhere you have a few feet of space.

Our bands are ideal for:

- Pull-ups

- Resistance Training

- Barbell Training

- Physical Therapy

- Weight Loss

- Body Shaping

- Rehabilitation of Injuries

- Fitness

- Sports


Why are the Rukket Exercise Resistance Loop Bands the best?

Our bands are made of the top quality 100% natural latex. This means they are stronger and able to stretch further than other bands.

They are made from imported latex unlike other bands. This means they are eco-friendly, highly tear resistant, and the fitness effect is 10% better than most bands on the market.

The resistance will stay the same from the first to last rep! The bands are comfortable, soft, and safe on the skin.

We do not include unnatural materials - such materials can irritate the skin and are less durable.

100% Lifetime Warranty with our Fair Play Guarantee.