RukkNet Pop-Up Portable Driving Range

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The most complete, quick, and durable golf practice package system available. Knotless netting allows the power from the shot to disperse efficiently and the ball to roll back smoothly right to your feet. The RukkNet is the simplest and fastest net to set-up and take-down. Taken out of the bag the net pops-up instantly and folds down using clear instructions printed directly onto the net featuring our proprietary Easy Fold system. 7' tall and 10' feet wide the net is durable, light-weight, and versatile. Ideal for perfecting your swing before the next trip to the golf course. Don't go to the driving range, get the driving range that comes to you. The ball returns after each shot eliminating bending down or having to carry a bucket of practice balls. All Rukket Golf Nets are double stitched and built of the heaviest materials available. Carrying case is thick canvas with double zippers for long life, capable of carrying the tri-fold hitting mat, golf balls, chipping attachment and a golf club it also has a thick comfortable shoulder strap. Very portable at 16 lbs. Folds flat into a 32 inch circle and easily fits in the trunk of a car.


EFFORTLESS: Improved folding with the EASY FOLD instructions and handle directly on the net! Easiest folding of any pop up net.

Best quality portable golf hitting net on the market: Durable material with a golf ball roll back feature! Pops-Up into place and is easily stored between uses.

Outstanding way to practice every club in your golf bag with ease while SAVING money and time.

Tri-Turf Portable Folding Mat with no skid base: 16mm Putting Green, 35mm Rough turf, 35mm Tee turf, 2mm Nature Rubber as well as large Chipping target for complete at home practice sessions

Product Specs

10ft W, 7ft H, 5ft D

What's in the Box

(1) RukkNet pop-up golf hitting net, (1) Chip It! short game target, and (1) Mat Attack Tri-Turf Portable Hitting Mat

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