Sam's Glow Runner Dodgeball

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Sam's Glow Runner Dodgeball is the latest glow-in-the-dark twist on one of our all time favorite backyard games: running bases!
Get ready for hours of fun with the all new glow-in-the-dark game. Perfect for kids and adults alike, you’ll be ready for a neighborhood game at the drop of a hat. Gator Skin balls are awesome for kickball, foursquare, and handball too.


LIGHT UP THE NIGHT: You’ve never played base runner dodgeball like this! Play in your backyard or neighborhood in the dark and have complete vision of the balls when they are flying around. Mark your bases and teams with the included glow sticks. It will bring a new layer of excitement and fun to a classic game of running bases dodgeball.

TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Included carry bag allows you to bring the fun anywhere you can imagine. Over a friends neighborhood, to the schoolyard, on the playground, and during recess. You’ll also have a reliable bag to keep your base runner dodgeball set safe when not using it.

USE YOUR IMAGINATION: This run the bases dodgeball set can be used for any playground sport. Kickball, Foursquare, Handball, or even make up your own game! With the glow in the dark balls you’ll have all the time in the world to play any sport you want!

What's in the Box

(4) Glow in the dark dodgeballs, (4) Cones, (100) Glow Sticks, (1) Carry Bag, and (1) Air Pump

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