Five Things to Look For When Buying a Batting Tee

Picture this: you’re setting up for batting practice. You’ve got your game face on, you’re in the zone, and you’re ready to hit them out of the park. You lug your batting tee to the cage, take five minutes to set it up, and take your first swing. You make a great connection – but your tee falls over, taking the oomph out of your hit. Five minutes later, you’re set up and ready to go again. This time, the tee breaks. Now what?

Now you need to buy a new batting tee. And you’re not going to make the same mistakes this time. Make a wiser choice by checking out these key criteria first.

Sturdy Materials
If it’s made of easily breakable material, don’t be surprised when it breaks. Low-quality rubber splits and even melts, and rubber bases are prone to tipping. Rubber feet are fine for stabilizing your batting tee in place, but structural components should be made from materials like aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized metal for long term outdoor use. Your hitting tee will last longer and is less prone to breakage. Many portable tees utilize flimsy plastic parts or connections for locking the tee into position. These are often the first pieces to go. Coaches will have experience with Tees breaking at the “stem”, where the batting T attaches to the base or at the cone. The ARMD tee has redesigned both.  We incorporate a nearly indestructible metal collar at the base and a completely redesigned cone that is smooth to hit off of yet reinforced in the places most likely to wear out.

Low, Heavy Center of Gravity
What’s keeping your batting tee in place? A stable tripod leg design like the one featured on our ARMD Batting Tee offers improved stability. Its sturdiness is boosted by the heavy galvanized base ring all situated extremely low, right above but not touching home plate. The solid industrial rubber coated legs and rubber feet are designed to always remain outside and over home plate while keeping the weight evenly distributed, unlike a tee with a flat base that often ends hanging over the edge of home plate. A flat setup keeps the tee stable and has the added benefit of the use of the custom stakes if needed. The upper portion of the tee remains flexible and because its made from lightweight yet strong aluminum there is less weight up top, meaning less tip-overs.  

Adjustable Height
An adjustable batting tee is a necessity. After all, every pitch isn’t going to come at you at exactly the same height. You need to be able to adjust your batting tee so you master covering the entire strike zone. Use caution here: as with so many things, you get what you pay for. Inexpensive batting tees are typically made of cheaper materials, but you won’t know you’ve got a lemon until the drag-adjustment breaks and you’re stuck with a batting tee that won’t adjust.  Our tee utilizes a double plunger ring, the first of its kind to slide into place easily yet stay in place when it should.

How easy is it to pack up your batting tee and go? A fully expanded batting tee can top out at four feet, but you don’t want to lug that around. Look for a collapsible hitting tee. The ARMD Batting Tee is just 25.5” x 5” when folded, and comes with a convenient carry bag.  This is also an area of firsts. Our batting T has one of a kind quick locking and detaching upright. There are no plastic tighteners to break or wear out and each leg has a stainless steel bearing that self locks without buttons or fasteners. Just a simple twist to stow the uprights and a gentle push of the three legs and your tee is stowed and ready for transport. If you purchase a batting tee that’s so big you don’t use it, why bother buying one?

This goes hand in hand with portability. Remember, bulkier or heavier doesn’t necessarily mean better. Rubber is heavier than aluminum or polycarbonate, but it’s certainly not the better choice for your batting tee material. At just 6.3 pounds, you’ll be able to tote your ARMD batting tee to every practice and because it comes apart easily and quickly your not wasting time on anything other than practicing. Because there are no plastic switches or tighteners to break, and the cone won’t rip, tear or develop a crease while stowed in a travel bag it will be ready for practice when you need it.

How can you find the best hitting tee? One of the biggest obstacles to buying high-quality sports equipment is that you can’t “try before you buy.” Something may look well made on the Internet, but it might fall apart the minute you take it out of the package. Going to a sports store gives you a better idea of the quality of an item…but you’re only going to see a few options.

At Rukket, we know you need to be able to count on your sports equipment for years rather than one season. That’s why we offer lifetime warranties on everything we sell, as well as a money-back guarantee. You’re going to love your batting tee. And if you don’t? Call our customer service team to talk to a real, live person who knows the ins and outs of baseball and softball. We’re more than a sports equipment retailer. We’re your sports equipment partner.


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