About us

Our Story

Rukket Sports was founded by the simple desire to find easier ways to practice the sports we love. We got our start with the Rukknet Pop-Up Golf Net and quickly expanded into Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and Lacrosse. Over the past few years we've added Basketball, Backyard, Leisure, and Hunting products to our line-up. The goal has always been to produce great products that keep us connected to the sports we love.

Our History


The Rukket Team: 

Jana Skrabalkova

Managing Director


Samuel Hyland

Managing Member



Emma Berger

Lead Designer and Marketing Coordinator



Alyssa Isaacs

Graphic Design & Social Media Intern 



Tom Freney

Customer Service Representative




Jake Myrick

Customer Service Representative   



Kitty Deng

Product Manager


Rita Liu

Senior Sourcing Specialist



Rachel Zhang

Accountant and HR Administrator

Robin He

Quality Assurance Manager


Joe Zhou



Beverly Dai
Senior Sourcing Specialist
Tracy Zhang
Purchasing Associate