Two Drills To Stop You From Pulling Off the Ball

Are you tired of seeing your swing fall apart due to poor posture? In this video post, Matt Antonelli delves into the importance of maintaining good posture throughout your baseball swing and provide practical solutions to help you stop pulling off the ball and stay on track with your swing.

Understanding Good Posture

Good posture is all about the angle of your spine. As you prepare to hit, your chest should lean over the plate, your butt should shift back, and your spine should angle slightly forward, typically around 25 to 30 degrees. This position allows for optimal power and contact with the ball.

Common Posture Mistakes

The most common issues players face include failing to reach good posture at all and coming out of it during the swing. When you lose good posture, your swing tends to follow your body, resulting in poor contact or missed swings. We refer to this as pulling off the ball. 

Practical Solutions

  • Short Bat Drills: Using a shorter bat (around 4-5 inches less than your regular bat) can help you maintain good posture. The shorter bat reduces your margin for error, making it crucial to stay in the correct posture throughout your swing. This offers immediate feedback on your form.
  • Choking Up: If you don't have a short bat, simply choke up on your regular bat by 4-5 inches. This effectively turns your bat into a shorter one, encouraging better posture.

Practice with Purpose

When practicing these techniques, remember to focus not only on getting into good posture but also on maintaining it through the entire swing. Hold your finish to reinforce the feeling of staying in the correct position.

Incorporate these drills into your training regimen, and you'll see a marked improvement in your batting skills. Remember, consistency in good posture can be the key to hitting those home runs. For more baseball tips and product recommendations, check out the Rukket tee and socket net in the description box below and enjoy a special discount. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask in the comment section. Keep swinging for the fences!


Matt Antonelli is a former professional baseball player and owner of Antonelli Baseball. Learn more about Matt at his website 


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