Rukket Sports Interview Series: Q&A with Pro Golfer Tisha Alyn Abrea

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Here's the transcript from Chris' Q&A with Tisha Alyn

Chris: Hey Tisha how are you?

Tisha:  Hello I am good how are you?

Chris: Good, so thanks for doing this with us today this like the first one we going to try to kick this off every month with a featured athlete and so we are happy to have you as the first one.

Tisha: No thanks for having me!

Chris:  So why don’t you start by telling us a little bit by yourself how you started playing golf, how you got interested and all that good stuff.

Tisha:  So I got into golf and my dad introduced me to the game when I was three years old and from then believe it or not I never stopped. I started competing officially at seven and I just kept going since then.

I played as a top golfer in Illinois. I was born and raised in Illinois and then moved out to California when I was around thirteen and then I still continued to junior golf and high school golf and then play at the collegiate level at Cal State Fullerton then eventually turn pro at the end of 2015 with 2016 being my first official year as a professional.

Chris: How you liking it so far? Is it tough?

Tisha: There is always a grind, but obviously like anything other sport you got to love what you do an fortunately even though I started at a really young age I have always really loved what I have done.

Chris: That’s awesome, that’s awesome, did you always want to play competitively or was it just?

Tisha: No it just kind of fell on me I mean I started competing at such a young age and it was kind of something that my parents put me in and I guess I just didn’t know any different and then eventually it became a lifestyle and eventually it became like... I eventually learn to love it I mean don’t get me wrong there are times I like to despise the game.

It wasn’t going my way especially when you go through luls of playing not so great but for the most part I have always enjoyed if not competing I have always enjoyed having golf as a huge part of me.

Chris: Yes absolutely I can definitely understand the frustrating part of it that was me yesterday all over the place. So I guess when did you want to start like engaging with like your followers and stuff on instagram, how did that all start because you kind of like blew up.

Tisha: That’s funny I don’t think anyone has properly asked me that, I actually began building my feed at, when I started my professional career so it was the very end of 2015 say 2016 was when I really started growing and it is funny because my first professional tournament I ever played was the Arizona open which was November of 2016 and coincidence I actually was paired up with Paige Spiranac and I played collegiate golf with her.

She played and I was paired up with her at the Arizona Open for three days straight and this was at the time when she just was blowing up in golf social media and it was like a big thing so it was very crazy  and she was actually the one who kind of put it in my head like hey you know you should kind of try and build your social like your you know there is not many female golfers out there you are pretty and you are good you should give it a try.

Like what do I do just start putting makeup on and play golf and then like how does this thing start and so then slowly but surely I started pick up through their pages in 2016 and getting featured and then I think it was 2016 I did like my first golf dancing video and dancing has always been a huge part of my life and I did like I do not even know what it was I did like a crazy dance or something on the golf course and then it just went viral and I am like what.

Chris: That will do it.

Tisha: A then from there it just kept going and I would play and compete and I did well in 2016 and won two professional events and every time I played well following returning kind and people following my story and everything like that and it just kind of continuously growing ever since I think people think, I think people have this idea that like oh you just went from zero to a hundred in social media world really fast.

Whatever and like how fortunate you are to have a following and such, but between me and a lot of the other girls who have a following we actually have been doing this for, its 2018 now and I officially started in 2015 so I have been growing my following since then so it is not just like an overnight thing.

Chris: Yes absolutely, I am lucky if I personally get like thirty plus likes on a post, so I find it incredible that anybody can get that many views and likes so.

Tisha:  31 I will like you.

Chris:  So I guess the question that everybody wants to know and would want the answer to is what attracts you Rukket.

Tisha:  Well firstly I had been needing like an at home net for ages now and there hasn’t really been a brand that has really stuck out to be there has been like some net that kind of made by golf brand or something like that and so I was fortunate enough when Rukket Sports kind of came across me and wanted me to look at all their products I was like O my gosh this is perfect.

I need a net and they not only just have nets they have other equipments too and it is not just limited to golf and I don’t play many other Sports but with golf they even have training tools stuff that really come in for me and my game and the net is a big part of my practice routine now because I am always travelling and they know that so sometimes when I am home and I just don’t want to leave and so whenever I get to be home I have a net there and it makes it easier to practice and work on my pace especially when there is no result attach to it.

Chris: How would you describe your relationship with Rukket like this is the first time I am speaking with you and have conversed with you I know you have been dealing with Matt a lot, how would you describe your relationship with the company on a whole.

Tisha:  Yeah you know you even though I haven’t formally met anyone but even though it is really through talk text and email everything I have a good relationship with them every time I have been to something they have been so quick to help me out they make me feel like family and they have always been very supportive of what I do and they stay following with me and I keep following with them and I think that’s really important in terms of continuing relationship with any company.

You want to be sure that you are not just one of many you want to feel like you are important to that company and vice versa I felt it makes it really easy for me that they make me feel like I am really a part of the team.

Chris: Right and then I guess you know speaking of companies you know with your amount of followers and your presence you are pretty much like your own company you have to kind of promote yourself so you have any goals for your business and or like golf.

Tisha: Goals for my business, yeah, I mean my life is pretty scattered right now golf I have so many avenues I am going with so in terms of me as it is in my own brand I just want to keep on growing as essentially as a golf personality and as a golf media personality and so as like now with my following and everything at lot of time I am reached out to go to golf events and just have a good time with people and you know kind of just show them what I do and what not.

So that’s part of building my brand and again building partnerships with the needs that I truly believe in I think it is really big a huge part of building my brand and not just as Rukket Sports but a part of my partnerships like Puma has been really good to me. Women’s Best is a nutritional brand and they have been really good to me and so things like that and in terms of this I own a part of and run the social media marketing side of and that’s a huge part of me and so movement that encourages more women to get into the game of golf and that is going to add the new that I am building and that just goes along with playing more golf for women and encouraging women to meet more and such and such and then in terms of the golf world.

I’m  still out competing it is truthfully 50% of my time it is more than that now and I still train and what not but I am heavily invested in media world now that it is kind of like a give and take but my goals with golf will still be essentially to do and play between five and ten events this year.

I haven’t played one yet this year but I intend to play late spring early summer and usually when you start in summer you just keep going and so I intend to play and I hope to secure a few top five finishes out there and then I am still debating on a few school of going back or not but if I do pursue school I obviously hope to make it to the end.

Chris: Absolutely, So I guess then you know who were the athletes that you look up to you know and why?

Tisha:  Super cliché but that the one I think that have always made a big impact I think not in just myself and the golf world is Tiger, I mean growing up is like you knew that if he was within five shots of the lead that he was going to bring it home or that when he was present that you can see that intimidation that he would bring and that how kind of fearful other players would be and I really admired that and obviously his record is kind of unbreakable and so he was always somebody that I really looped up to.   

Chris: I completely agree with you I mean it’s crazy like even just like now coming back the ratings I forget what tournament that was but the ratings was like off the charts for that small tournament because he was in it, I completely agree Tiger 2000 he was the best.

So then what was like the top three best tips that you were given you know while you were building your golf game you know each other it would be great.

Tisha:  Three tips man that’s tough, I think one of  the most I can only think of one right now but the most important tip that I was given and it is not even like a swing tip necessarily but it was more like a golf mental tip I should say.

It was someone once told me I don’t know if I could say it properly someone once told me that pretty much your performance is based on your ability minus what’s going on in your head so anything that could be bothering you or you know any thoughts in your head you know being nervous anything like that so if you could take away and control what’s going on mentally and you know that your ability is there then you can make it and so that always kept with me.

If you can because every girl out there can hit solid shots every girl out there can hit really bomb drives and  hit it close we have all made cuts we have all made chip ins we have all made great shots but what’s going to make the difference I think a lot of it is what’s in your head and so if you could control what’s going on there then you could essentially be a really great golfer.

Chris:  Awesome, I mean in golf it is pretty much all mental you know it is crazy.

Tisha: Yes totally and you have like four hours to deal with four and a half to not go crazy.

Chris: Absolutely, so then let’s see your favourite course what is the favourite course you have ever played.

Tisha: Favourite course I would have to give that to my home course Alta Vista country club in California I mean obviously I am bias because they have taken care of me for so long but I really like that track it’s a private course and the members there is what kind of makes it really like home but the course is also in really good shape. So Alta Vista Country Club I highly recommend going there.

Chris: Cool, and then let’s see if you could caddy for any pro on tour right now minus Tiger who would it be and why?

Tisha: Minus Tiger okay so on the PGA Tour I would love to caddy for Rickey, I mean bias cover puma team cover puma but I mean he just seems like such a fun guy and I think I would have a good time and I really like the way he goes about things and his style so I would live to caddy for him.

Chris: Cook that’s a great answer so if you could only use three clubs for an entire round which clubs would you pick.

Tisha:  Diver a putter and then maybe like a nine iron some days I can barely chip with but then can do a full shower with.

Chris: A fuller shower a tin cup playing around with a seven iron and then I guess we will finish it up with one thing that your fans don’t know about you that would surprise them.

Tisha:  Let’s see well I guess my fans already know we have to say fans yes my followers would know already that I golf and I did dance that’s like a big part of it I guess, what some people don’t know, I guess people don’t know that I have a lisp. I don’t know why I chose that among all things to tell you.

Chris: I didn’t notice the lisp.

Tisha: You don’t notice it until I say it and it is probably like more than one person but sometimes when I say my s’s I start whistling like I don't know what goes on with my teeth and my tongue I don’t know I have a little lisp and I can’t I don’t know how to snap and I can whistle I can whistle when I say my ss but I can’t say it normally.

Chris:  I really appreciate you spending the time with me today do you have anything else you would like to add or you want to give yourself some plugs we have your social media down at the bottom here and your website as well.

Tisha: Yeah obviously definitely if anyone who is following, if you don’t follow at @tishaalyn or @Tisha_All_in give it a follow also be sure to tune in to watch shot makers on golf channel which is airing today and Monday and Tuesday at 9pm eastern time and it will also be on again next week at 9pm eastern time and you should hopefully see team Aces on there and that’s about all I got.

Chris: Awesome, well thanks so much Tisha again I really appreciate you doing this for me today.

Tisha: Thanks for having me, you have a good one.

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