Red Star Lacrosse Reviews the 4x7 Fat Boy Rebounder

Attention members of the Rukket Lacrosse Community! The season is fast approaching and we want to be there for you so that you hit the ground running and are ready come game day. Division 1 Colleges are already in full practice mode and since we know our community wants to win, here are some tips to help you train like the best! 

As every lacrosse player knows, you're only as good as your stick skills. Being able to throw and catch with both hands is imperative to your growth as a lacrosse player. We know that it can be hard to find a wall and that our parents are rightfully skeptical about using the garage door!  That's why we wanted to highlight one of our best items that is perfect for getting your stick skills where they need to be. 

The Rukket Rebounder shown in this YouTube video from one of our excellent partners Red Star Lacrosse is the perfect tool to improve your game. Red Star runs a fantastic channel highlighting gear from around the lacrosse world and he was kind enough to review our 4x7 Rukket "Fat Boy" Rebounder. He showcases some of the innovative and key features on the rebounder which can help you improve your game exponentially. Some of these features include the large throwing surface allows practice of all types of passes and the heavy duty bungees which make sure that you are receiving crisp passes back. Pair it with one of our lacrosse goals and you will have defenders running scared when you wind up to shoot!

Video Highlights:

0:35 - Different kinds of rebounders and why the Rukket Rebounder is the best.

1:30 - Types of passes you can practice with the Rukket Rebounder.

3:30 - Importance of having a rebounder at home.

5:30 - Benefits of training with a rebounder

6:30 - Different ways you can adjust the Rukket Rebounder


See you on the practice field! 

Check out the 4x7 "Fat Boy"Rebounder

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