9 Shots To Improve Your Golf Game

Looking to add another dimension to your shot shaping ability when on the course? This simple drill will have you ready for anything the course throws at you.

When you listen to professionals and teaching pros talk about their golf shots they sometimes use the word “window” to speak about the release of the golf shot they are hitting. They know right after impact if the shot they hit is that which they visualized hitting before they swung the club. Top level amateurs and professionals visualize a “window” about 10 feet from impact where their golf ball should travel through, and you can use this same technique to improve your game with the “9-shot” drill. The point of this drill is to be able to hit 9 versatile shots around the course when you need them. The shots are as follows - 

Shots include a High Draw, Mid Draw, Trap Draw, High Straight, Normal, Punch, High Fade, Mid Fade, and Low Fade. You could go to the range and do these but why not practice at home and save money while getting the same practice? Using the windows described above practice hitting these 9 shots into your practice net so you’re better prepared for the course!

This is a high level drill that even top level amateurs struggle with so don’t be discouraged if you struggle with all 9 shots in the beginning. The closer you get to being able to hit each shot on command, the better your golf game will become. 

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Struggling with shaping shots? Check out this simple article by one of the games best teachers - 


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