Five Drills to Improve Your Long Game

A significant amount of your game is going to be spent using woods and lower irons as you inch towards the fairway. Mastering your shots with these clubs is a necessary step to mastering the art of golf itself. Practice these five drills to perfect your form and make every swing count.

Sync Drill

Here's a simple drill to do during warm-ups or before your round to get your arms in sync with your body rotation.



 Lag Drill

When you’re on the downswing, the head of your club should come slightly after your arms and your body. That is, your club should lag behind your arms. This will give you a faster swing through the impact area, adding distance to your shot. Tisha Alyn Abrea demonstrates how she uses her Haack net and hitting mat to practice lag.


Lag Drill 2.0

Once you’ve mastered the lag drill, grab a weighted strength and swing trainer and give this one a try. Tisha Alyn Abrea demonstrates how with just a marker and a whippy club, you can get instant feedback on your swing to perfect your lag.


Lower Body Sequence Drill

When you’re going for a long drive, you need your body to turn properly and at just the right moment to maximize your swing. For the lower body sequence drill, put your wedge underneath your right foot (if you’re a righty). Before you begin, the shaft should be touching the back of your left leg. As you go into your backswing, your right foot should stay down so that the club shaft is no longer touching your left leg. The shaft should remain away from your body (but upright) until you finish your swing. Tisha Alyn Abrea demonstrates.


Blur Drill

The blur drill is designed to zero out your club path, whether you’re swinging in-to-out or out-to-in. Grab your driver and set up a target in your portable driving range. Check your GSAP and make a simple, easy half swing with the driver. As you make contact, look up at your target and find where your clubhead looks blurry, at about the height of your hip. The blur should pass either directly in front of the target or slightly to the left. Adjust your swing to achieve optimal club path. Check out how Tiger does it:


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