Getting Fit for Golf: Strength Exercises to Help Your Swing

Henry Fall from the Milo Lines Academy and Dana Finkelstein from the LPGA Tour are back in the gym, ready to share another fantastic exercise to enhance your golf swing during the off-season. Today, we're diving into exercise ball swings.

Grab that exercise ball! This one's a winner. It's all about cultivating a golf swing driven by your core, hips, and lower body. You'll stretch out your arms, maintaining relaxed tension, while focusing on maintaining width as you turn back and forth. If you're using a medicine ball, opt for a lighter one to start.

The magic happens as you feel your core engage, obliques firing up, and those hips getting into the action. You might even sense a little glute activation as well. Here's a pro tip: experiment with lifting your left heel during your backswing and then grounding it again. This move aids in sequencing, creating a fluid chain reaction.

This exercise is a powerhouse for your golf swing. Develop that essential width, channel your core's rotational power, and refine your sequencing. Elevate your golf game, one exercise ball swing at a time!

Exercise Ball Swings
With this simple swing drill using an exercise ball, you can generate a more core and pivot driven action.


Arms Crossed Backswing Stretch
Here's a simple exercise to help you feel width and help lengthen out the backswing.


Resisted Hip Rotations
Learn to turn the corner and open things up through the hitting area with this awesome resistance band workout.


The Propeller Exercise
Here's a great exercise you'll see a lot of the tour professional doing to warm up prior to a round. Maybe you've even seen Collin Morikawa performing this propeller exercise?


Trail Wrist Extension & Rotation
Learn to rotate with the trail wrist extended back, an important matchup for golfers looking to get more open through the hitting area.

Kettlebell Pressure Shifts
Learn to pressure shift and make a more athletic movement in your golf swing with this simple kettlebell workout.


Resisted and Assisted Hip Depth Exercise
With so many golfers struggling to maintain spine angle and keep the hips back, here is an excellent exercise (both assisted and resisted) to promote greater hip depth in the swing!


Henry Fall is a Golf Coach with Milo Lines Golf, LPGA Tour Caddie to Dana Finkelstein, content creator, and Rukket Golf ambassador. You can check out their online academy at or on his instagram, @henryfallgolf

Dana Finkelstein has played on the LPGA Tour since 2017 and finished first in Driving Accuracy in 2017 and 3rd in 2019. Her best finish on Tour thus far is a T-11 (2x) and she finished T39 at last year's AIG Women's Open Championship at Royal Troon with Henry on the bag. While at UNLV, Dana was a three-time Mountain West Golfer of the year. You can find Dana on Instagram @danafinkelsteingolf

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