How to Fix a Slice: Part 1

Hey Rukket Nation, it's Henry Fall and Milo Lines from the Milo Lines Golf Academy, and we're here to help you fix that frustrating slice in a two-part series. In this first part, we're diving into the key issues that cause the dreaded slice and how to address them.

Often, a slice is a result of an open clubface at impact. This can stem from a weak grip or poor wrist positioning throughout your swing. Imagine you're the slicer, and I'll be your coach. A weak grip can lead to high, slicing shots, but we're about to change that.

To solve problem number one, let's strengthen your grip. Adjust your left hand so you can see more of its back, and ensure your right hand matches the clubface. The second piece of the puzzle is wrist action. Avoid rolling your wrists excessively during your backswing; instead, focus on maintaining the clubface's downward orientation for longer.

As you practice, don't be surprised if you start hitting low hooks – that's a sign we're on the right track. Part one sets the foundation for a stronger, more controlled swing. Stay tuned for part two, where we'll take your game to the next level by fine-tuning your technique.

Remember, a little change in your grip and wrist movement can lead to a big change in your game. So, embrace the hook, and get ready for some impressive results on the course. 

Henry Fall is a Golf Coach with Milo Lines Golf, LPGA Tour Caddie to Dana Finkelstein, content creator, and Rukket Golf ambassador. You can check out their online academy at or on his instagram, @henryfallgolf

Milo Lines is a PGA Professional Coach and the founder of Milo Lines Golf You can find Milo at Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club located in Gold Canyon just outside Phoenix, AZ.



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