Haack Pro Golf Net with SPDR STEEL™ Netting

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INNOVATIVE NEW SPDR STEEL™ NETTING: The most durable netting available. Our new Haack Pro Net utilizes ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers found in aerospace applications. The result is a net that's stronger than kevlar, abrasion resistant, and provides added UV protection.


PROFESSIONAL GRADE PRACTICE: Bring all the benefits of the driving range directly to your home with the most innovative addition to the Haack Pro cage-style hitting net system.

SWING WITH CONFIDENCE: From your Wedge to your Driver; you will have the confidence to hit thousands of balls. Designed to take a beating, the advanced materials used in the SPDR STEEL™ net will hold up to even the most rigorous of practice sessions.

USE THE SAME NET THE PROS USE: Developed and endorsed by legendary University of Georgia coach Chris Haack. People who are serious about taking their game to the next level know this is the only golf net cage for them. The net return and golf practice cage design allows you to hit hundreds of shots with the same ball while utilizing every club in your bag.

Product Specs


What's in the Box

(1) Rukket Haack Pro Frame, (1) SPDR STEEL™ UHMWPE Netting, (1) Adjustable Hitting Target, and (1) Carry & Storage Bag

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