15pk PUREPOWER® Weighted Baseballs / Softballs w/ Bucket

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Practice baseball or softball while getting a strength workout at the same time. The training ball engages essential muscles for pitching and batting, including forearms, shoulders, and wrists.


IMPROVE VELOCITY: The heavy nature of the 1-pound training ball will condition your muscles to adapt to its increased weight while practicing with it. Watch your throwing and hitting velocity skyrocket when you revert back to the standard ball. Strike out the batter or slam the ball home with ease!

IMPROVE TECHNIQUE: Repeated use of a training ball during practice will stimulate muscle memory on form, allowing you to master your pitching, throwing, and batting technique more quickly than when using a standard ball. Due to the weighted nature of the ball, erroneous swings will be instantly identified, making the training ball a perfect tool for form correction.

DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE: The robust 1-pound, 3-inch diameter weighted ball is made to endure many hits, swings, and landings.

CONVENIENT AND SAFE TO PRACTICE ANYWHERE: It comes with a bucket, making it convenient to bring with you anywhere. Practice your swing without worrying about the safety of the space around you. The weighted training ball only travels a small distance, making it completely safe to bat around, even in confined areas.

Product Specs

1lb. (16oz.), 3" in diameter

What's in the Box

15 PUREPOWER® Weighted Baseballs / Softballs

Assembly Instructions

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