Baseball / Softball Adjustable Pitching Target

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Rukket Baseball / Softball Adjustable Practice Target for Pitching is the perfect tool to have with you during your pitching and throwing training sessions.

Take the practice target out to the mound and put it to work for you – whether you are pitching at your backyard, school, or local park. Target the strike zone and take your pitching skills to the next level.


PRACTICE PITCHING FROM HOME: The practice target is designed to be the perfect one-on-one pitching trainer for baseball and softball. You can improve your pitching anytime, and anywhere, without needing another person to aid you.

TARGET THE STRIKE ZONE: The target is marked with an optic yellow, easy-to-see strike zone in the center of the net. Target the strike zone to improve both pitching accuracy and arm strength through repetitions and practice.

DYNAMIC GRID ADJUSTMENT: The strike zone is marked on an adjustable grid, allowing you to customize the target according to different angles and positions. This will train you to adapt your pitch to many configurations, improving your all-around pitching ability, and simulating the required in-game skill of changing your pitch according to the situation.

EASY SETUP AND HIGH COMPATIBILITY: All parts and tools included in package. Compact, portable, and easy to carry anywhere. Foldable design makes set up and storage quick, simple, and convenient. Compatible with all 7x7 Rukket nets and most other 7x7 baseball/softball nets.

DURABLE AND RESILIENT MATERIAL: Built with robust weatherproof steel frame and durable nylon netting. Designed to last for a lifetime. Resilient material can withstand heavy winds, rain, and other non-ideal environmental conditions.

Product Specs

19in x 22in

What's in the Box

(1) Target

Assembly Instructions

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