Pitch Back Baseball / Softball Rebounder Pro w/ 3 Progression Weighted Pitching Baseballs

Sale price$ 149.99


Designed as a direct upgrade to the Original Rukket Rebounder, with angled top and bottom edges to enforce a perfect pitch. Protect your fingers with patented plunger bolt technology when adjusting the rebounder.


PERFECT YOUR PITCH: Progression weighted pitching baseballs will challenge you to throw with more strength, accuracy, and focus. Improve your muscle strength with every pitch.

MORE REPS, MORE THROWS: Designed with automatic pitch back ball return feature. Easily retrieve balls after your throws. Comes with extra bungees for increased bounce back ability.

SIMULATES GAME-LIKE FLY/GROUND BALLS: Innovated paracord pull handle with patented design allows you to easily switch between four pitching angles. Simulates pop-flies and grounders like a real game.

Product Specs

6.3ft x 4ft

What's in the Box

(1) Rukket Pro Rebounder, and (3) Progression Weighted Pitching Baseballs (6oz, 8oz, & 10oz)

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