Kickball Set w/ 2 Kickballs

Sale price$ 49.99


Play anywhere! Portable and incredibly easy to set up. Play in your backyard or basement whenever you want.


TAKE IT ON THE ROAD: Perfect for tailgates and sporting events. Compete with your family and friends for hours at a time. It will be the talk of the party and you won’t have to worry about any stray kicks with the rubber kickball.

PERFECT FOR ANY AGES: Our Rukket Regulation Kickball make this bundle safe and enjoyable for everyone. High visibility bases and foul cones make the sport easy to understand for anybody wanting to join the fun.

MAKE MEMORIES ALL SUMMER LONG: Stay active and healthy while making memories to last a lifetime all summer.

What's in the Box

4-Piece Throw-Down Base Set and Pitching Mound, (1) 10” Regulation Kickball, (2) Foul Line Cones, and Ball Pump

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