Progression Weighted Balls (9 Pack)

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Want to improve throwing mechanics, arm speed and arm health? Rukket’s Progression Weighted Baseballs are the perfect heavy training balls for both pitching, throwing, fielding and hitting practice.


BECOME A BETTER THROWER WITH 9 DIFFERENT WEIGHTS: All the way from 3oz to 12oz, you’ll have 9 separate weights to help you improve your throwing mechanics, increase your throwing speed, and keep your arm healthy!

PROGRESSION TRAINING: Incremental weights allow you to warm up by starting with the lightest weight and moving to the heaviest. Getting fielding work in with a weighted baseball or softball will help create muscle memory for the game situations.

FREE RUKKET TRAINING APP: Our innovative new Rukket Training App is FREE with your purchase and includes a 3 part progression pitching and throwing video series program from a former MLB professional! You’ll have the best product and the best coaching to increase your skills and get ready for the season.

What's in the Box

(1) 3oz, (1) 4oz, (1) 6oz, (1) 7oz, (1) 8oz, (1) 9oz, (1) 10oz, (1) 11oz, and (1) 12oz weighted baseball

Assembly Instructions

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