Replacement Bungees for Baseball / Softball & Tennis Rebounders (Pack of 38)

Sale price$ 29.00


REPLACEMENT BUNGEES: Perfect for Rukket baseball /softball and tennis rebounders, these bungees add an extra kick to the bounce back strength or are perfect to keep as spares.


RUKKET STRONG: Industrial strength bungees so you get the bounce back strength needed to up up your game.

EXTRAS INCLUDED: 38 total bungees gives you plenty of extra for storage or customization.
Supported products:

Pitch Back Baseball / Softball Rebounder Pro (RBND400, RBND500)

Pitch Back Baseball / Softball Rebounder (RBND300)

Tennis Rebounder (RBND700)

What's in the Box

(38) Rukket Replacement bungees

Assembly Instructions

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