Rukket Glow Quick Charger - Large

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Introducing the Rukket Glow LED Glow in the Dark Charger, designed to elevate your nighttime sports activities. This innovative charger enhances the excitement and visibility of glow-in-the-dark sports like golf, kickball, dodgeball, and flag football. With a durable design and mesmerizing glow, it adds a magical aura to your games. Compatible with various glow-in-the-dark sports equipment, it keeps your gear charged and ready. Safety features include overcharge protection and temperature control. The LED indicator allows for easy monitoring. Portable and user-friendly, simply plug it in, connect your equipment, and let the glow power up your game. Elevate your nighttime sports experience with the Rukket Glow LED Glow in the Dark Charger.


- Large Charger Bay accommodates footballs, basketballs, kickballs, dodgeballs, volleyballs, and more.
- Rechargeable power bank holds over 18 watt hours of charge to keep glow-in-the-dark games going for hours at a time.
- Compatible with Rukket Sports Glow-in-the-Dark Kickball, Dodgeball, and Flag Football Sets

What's in the Box

(1) Rukket Glow Quick Charger Bag with rechargeable battery and USB charging cable

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