5x5 Baseball / Softball Net w/ Strike Zone Target

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Rukket Sports brings you the best baseball and softball pitching and multi-sport practice net available on the market. The 5x5 net is an essential tool for any level of athlete who wants to take their game to the next level. The strike zone target makes this an ideal throwing, pitching and fielding trainer for youth baseball and softball players, but especially for pitchers.


TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Our hardy, robust carry bag makes your practice net portable so you can practice whether you are at the field, your backyard, or a visiting ballpark!

FOOLPROOF SETUP: Simple, safe, and quick to set up in just seconds with our compact, fold-up design.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE: Our practice net is much heavier than our competitors and our long-lasting 7-ply knotless netting + increased frame thickness adds rigidity and weight for greater stability when batting into the net.

FREE BONUS: Strike Zone attachment included.

Product Specs

5ft x 5ft

What's in the Box

(1) Rukket 5x5ft Baseball/Softball Net, (1) Strike Zone Target, and (4) U-Shaped Stakes

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