SPDR MK2 Portable Driving Range with SPDR STEEL™ Netting

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The SPDR MK2 Portable Driving Range with SPDR STEEL™ netting is a large 10 ft wide by 7 ft tall net with side wings and an overhang designed to catch shots hit from every club in the bag. Our newly released SPDR STEEL™ utilizes the same fibers used in the manufacturing of ballistic vests, parachute cord, and high-tech sailing ropes, and is ready to take on the hardest hit shots in the most demanding conditions. The folding frame is easy to deploy and pack-up between uses. Don't let its portability fool you, this is a heavy duty net used by professionals that includes a ball return feature so you can practice with a single ball. Improve your game with confidence using the most versatile and practical golf net available today.


THE STRONGEST NET AVAILABLE: SPDR STEEL™ Ultra-Durable Netting is built to last.

DURABLE FRAME:💪 Heavy-duty folding metal frame. Easy 2-minute setup, take-down, and stores inside protective carrying case.

FOOLPROOF PRACTICE: Net STAYS on. NO need to remove each time the net is packed away!

REALISTIC PRACTICE: ⛳️ Hit the same ball you use on the course and use any club in your bag. No more dinged-up range balls!

SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Practice indoors or outdoors whenever it suits you. Spend less time commuting to the range and more time working on your swing.

Product Specs

10ft x 7ft

What's in the Box

(1) SPDR MK2 Portable Driving Range Folding Frame
(1) SPDR STEEL™ Front Netting
(1) Set of Side Barrier Protective Wings
(1) Tri-Turf Hitting Mat
(1) Carry Bag

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