6pk Weighted Training Balls

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These heavy weighted training baseballs are specifically designed to help develop the muscle memory needed for a powerful swing. Pretty soon you'll flipping your bat a whole lot more often.


BE THE BALL: Our weighted training ball allows you to truly "feel" the bat as you drive the barrel thru the ball. Our weighted ball is 1lb. (16oz.), 3" in diameter, ridiculously rugged and made from the most durable materials available.

INSTANT FEEDBACK: You'll develop not only a powerful swing, but the perfect swing. Each ball is designed so that if it's not hit pure, it will just wobble and fall. You'll instantly know with every swing if your "right" or not allowing you and your coach to make necessary adjustments quickly.

Product Specs

1lb. (16oz.), 3" in diameter

What's in the Box

6 Weighted Training Balls

Assembly Instructions

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