Stop Trying to Keep your Head Down in the Golf Swing

Today, we have Henry Fall from the Milo Lines Golf Academy joining us in our backyard setup. He's here to address a common issue that plagues golfers and hinders their performance—the obsession with keeping their heads down throughout the swing. In this article, we'll explore the detrimental effects of this approach and present two alternative methods that can unlock your true potential on the golf course.

Unlocking Power and Speed:

When golfers forcefully try to keep their heads down, they inadvertently rob themselves of power, speed, and energy. Henry Fall emphasizes that this approach not only limits your performance but also increases the risk of injury. Instead, he suggests two alternatives that can revolutionize your game.

Method One: The Dustin Johnson Approach:

One effective method is to release your head slightly before impact, similar to the technique employed by professional golfer Dustin Johnson. By allowing your eyes to focus on the target before striking the ball, you create a fluid and unrestricted swing. This adjustment enables you to harness the full power and energy of your swing, resulting in longer and more accurate shots.

Method Two: The Tiger Woods Technique:

Another approach involves staying connected to the shot a little longer, reminiscent of Tiger Woods' technique. As the ball leaves the clubface, allow your right shoulder and rotation to guide your head up and around the corner. By incorporating this movement, you ensure that you remain dynamic and avoid getting stuck down at the golf ball. This technique facilitates a smooth transition through the swing and promotes a natural follow-through towards the target.

Achieving the Classic Tour-Like Finish:

Implementing these adjustments will help you achieve a beautiful, tour-like finish to your swing. By allowing your head to follow the natural movement of your turn, you'll experience increased mobility and a more targeted approach. The seamless integration of your head movement with the swing will result in improved consistency, accuracy, and power.

In the pursuit of a powerful golf swing, it is crucial to break free from the misconception of keeping your head down throughout the shot. Henry Fall's expert insights offer valuable alternatives that can transform your game. By adopting either the Dustin Johnson or Tiger Woods approach, you can unleash your potential and develop a dynamic and fluid swing. So, let your head go and enjoy the benefits of a masterful finish, reminiscent of golf's greatest players. Practice, adapt, and elevate your game to new heights. Happy swinging!

Henry Fall is a Golf Coach with Milo Lines Golf, LPGA Tour Caddie to Dana Finkelstein, content creator, and Rukket Golf ambassador. You can check out Henry's online academy content at or on his instagram, @henryfallgolf

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