Take The Next Step With Your Rebounder

In an earlier post, we gave you the best routine to practice in the off-season or when you have time to get your stick skills better. (Read the article here: The Best Routine For Improving Stick Skills) This routine should be done no matter how proficient you become to keep your stick skills sharp.

Next up is a set of advanced drills to do with your rebounder. It would help to have a goal for these drills and you can check out ours HERE but it’s not completely necessary to have one. You should also be wearing gloves and a helmet when practicing at all times! Developing feel with your gloves and visibility with your helmet on is one of the most important things you can do as a lacrosse player. 

The goal of these drills is to help you make passes and catch on the move. After all, lacrosse is a game of speed, so it’s essential to incorporate movement into drills whenever possible. Standing still on offense is the easiest way to have the ball taken away by a defender! 

  • To start, jog directly at the rebounder and throw the ball into it. Catch it on the move and loop around and do it again. This may seem monotonous and repetitive but developing muscle to make these throws will help you make quicker decisions on the field. Repeat with both your Right and Left hands.  
  • Take the next progression in this drill by catching the ball in a shooting position. Pretend you’re getting a feed for a step-down shot so set your feet and cock your shoulders like you’re about to shoot. If you have a goal, take the shot and repeat. If you don’t, fake the shot and make a dodge then repeat. 
  • You can also practice this same movement but different look by moving the rebounder around. 
TIP: To add a level of difficulty pretend you’re getting a feed from X and keep your feet moving to avoid the slide. Or, pretend you’re getting a feed from up top and curl towards the goal. 

Catching and throwing on the run are essential skills you must master if you want to take the next step in your lacrosse career. They separate players at the elementary level and are mandatory after that.  

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