Lacrosse Rebounder Pro w/ Rain Fly

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PRACTICE FROM HOME: The lacrosse rebounder is the perfect tool for at-home practice or times when you don’t have a partner. Stick skills are the most important part of lacrosse and working on them every day with this pitchback will improve those skills immensely.
HEAVY DUTY: Industrial strength springs give you the bounce back strength needed to improve your stick skills. Springs are already attached so you don’t have to worry about assembly. Legs and frame are made of thick powder blasted steel which will withstand the elements.
IMPROVE EVERY SKILL: Rebounder adjusts quickly and easily so you can practice all types of passes or even shots. You can angle it up for a more lofted pass or straight on for quick stick work.
EASILY STORABLE: Folds completely flat for easy transport and storage. Slip it into your garage when you’re not using it and be able to take it out when you want in seconds. Rainfly also acts as a protective screen against abrasions and brushes.

Product Specs

4ft x 8ft

What's in the Box

(1) 4x8ft Lacrosse Rebounder and (1) Rain Fly Protective Screen

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